What is New York KOSHER Style?

New York Style provides total flexibility to accomodate all KOSHER options and style... We believe that we are unique in accomodating such needs, and take great pride in our ability to meet such specific and important needs. Hey, Jews lived in Spain for 1500 years, so why shouldn't we be able to serve a paella the same way they were eaten in Spain hundreds of years ago!!!


Aside from recipes, NY Style Paella also refers to serving small, high quality portions... In Spain the giant paellas are usually served as large, sit down, portions, while in NY, people prefer smaller, more TAPAS size portions.... Of course, we can adjust...


NY Style also refers to our ability for each person to personalize their paella with "toppings" which is more of an American concept... NY Style is all about "having it just the way you want it!"...


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